Types of Architects

There are important factors to consider when selecting an architect to work on your Palm Springs remodel or new home design. It is important to select an architect or architectural firm that you are compatible with on a personal level and whose aesthetic style you enjoy.

Types of Architects:

There are myriad specialties within the architectural world. Large firms generally focus on larger projects which could be medical facilities, hospitals, master planning, education and campus facilities. In the Palm Springs area few firms specialize in projects of this scale. DLR Group is a national firm that has a Palm Springs branch specializing in schools and other large projects.

You are probably reading this because you are interested in designing your dream home in Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage or the Palm Desert area. You are in luck because there are many smaller architecture firms to choose from in the area. It is important to select a firm that specializes in residential work for your new home or remodel project. Within the residential sub-genre of architects scale plays a role in informing the firm you choose. Some firms specialize on multi-family residences, townhomes and apartment buildings. The scale of these projects often requires repetition of details and spaces to keep construction costs down and help the developer’s bottom line. There are firms that do both large and small projects equally well, but it is important to do due diligence and make sure you are making an informed decision about who you want working on your project. A good litmus test for your potential architect is to go over your specific goals and needs, then ask them what similar projects they have completed. Often times, you will be able to personally see these projects and the final quality of the architect’s work.

Two main architectural styles dominate residences in Palm Springs. These are Spanish and Modern styles. They are very different but both are fantastic when well designed. Many of the early 20th century homes in Palm Springs are done in a Spanish style. Architectural enthusiasts and tourists know Palm Springs for the modern buildings that have made it famous. Many of these structures were designed and constructed after World War 2. While referred to as “mid-century” modern, this modern style took root in Europe in the very early 1900’s and made its way to America when architects fled to avoid war.

Current architecture firms in Palm Springs reflect both of these defining styles. Various firms do both Spanish and Modern styles based on the client and their goals. Others specialize only in modern style projects while some only do Spanish style residences. The further east you travel in the Coachella Valley, especially in La Quinta, Indian Wells and Palm Desert, the more Spanish style gated communities you find. Many of the large gated communities in the eastern Coachella Valley are developer designed and built tract homes. They offer great value for the money and can be modified and customized by an architect to make them truly unique. Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage feature truly unique older neighborhoods featuring historical custom homes. These houses and neighborhoods were once home to many famous Hollywood stars, politicians, CEO’s and the general rich and famous.

In a future post I plan to outline various Palm Springs neighborhoods giving an insight into their history and the famous starlets which called them home at one time.

I hope you find this information valuable. If you have any questions about local Palm Springs designs or architects feel free to email me on the contact/about page. I will do my best to facilitate any questions that you may have as I have had quite a bit of experience working with designers and architects in the area.