Lovely Bill Cody House in Rancho Mirage

Today I came across a reference image of a lovely Bill Cody house in Rancho Mirage. I am willing to state that Bill Cody is my favorite of the Palm Springs architectural locals. The sheer number of projects he completed and his ability to evolve his architectural ideas is truly inspiring. Wild Bill Cody was truly a great Palm Springs Architect.

Luckily, knowing the area quite well, I was able to locate the house in short order after seeing a few key details in the reference photograph. From what I read it sounds like the owner of the house wants to keep a low profile with his mid-century modern gem. I don’t blame him.

The house appears to be in original shape. I will have to get a closer look and snap more photos of this Bill Cody marvel in Rancho Mirage. I love the road it is on – my favorite part of that area.

Does anyone have more information on this house? I’m curious to see the state of the interiors and what they have evolved into over years of use. If you have

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